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Background to K2

K2 was created by a couple from Henleaze Community Church who both wanted to develop a group for single people in churches across the Bristol and Bath area. They both had experience of being older singles before their marriage and were concerned that there were few social outlets. They canvassed opinion among friends and acquaintances; single and once single, creating a group organising social events for Christian singlest.

Why is it called K2?

K2 is a relatively nondescript name, and many people liked it for this reason. It is easy to say and remember and it doesn’t give much away. We also wanted to avoid strong dating connotations since K2 is about more than that. There were several ideas that came together to form the name K2:

“Knock Knock” — “Who’s there?”

K2 is an abbreviation of “Knock Knock” – “Who’s there?” — which is what most of our members want to know!

“Ask, Seek & Knock”

We thought about the biblical concept “Ask, Seek & Knock” (see Matthew 7:7-8) and the parable of the persistent friend.

The peak of K2 “How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of those who bring good news”

K2 reminds many people of the mountain and it has been suggested that being single and Christian can sometimes feel like climbing one! If that’s how it feels for you, you might like to reflect on the various positive references to mountains in the bible: Isaiah 52v7, Matthew 17v20, Isaiah 55v12 & Psalm 46v1-5.

Contact us

For general enquiries, please email Barbara: k2bristol@yahoo.co.uk.

Page last updated: 11 September 2019